Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Blog Post!

Hey all! So I just started my first blog today, feels pretty good so far. I made this blog with selfish intentions so if you don't like it you can leave.
Trying to keep a diary is way too much for me to handle and today I had this brilliant idea of starting a blog. Im pretty smart if I do say so myself.
Well let me explain my blog name and picture for all you n00bs out there. My name is stolen from Harry Potter which is the BEST book in the whole wide world. And those attractive people in that picture right there looking all kinds of saucy is me and my boo. His name is Dave and he is famous for "being the guy who just stands in the corner not talking to anyone", his words not mine. We met at the movie theater that we both worked at.
So as of life so far I just got back from a much needed vacation. Me and my family and Dave road tripped it down to the red neck rivera a.k.a Gulf Shores Alabama. There is something so magical and whimsical about the south. I decided that I am going to live there for some part of my life.
Well anyway duty calls and I gotta go make dinner. Broiled chicken.